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Addiction Resources Incorporated



Our Mission

At Addiction Resources Incorporated (ARI) we believe that medication assisted treatment (MAT) is the best choice for the majority of opioid addicted adults. We further believe this treatment should be delivered with courtesy and in as timely a manner as possible. It is our goal to treat people the way we ourselves wish to be treated, with dignity and respect. 

ARI is an outpatient medication assisted treatment program. Our clinic is totally private, and everything is absolutely confidential. In addition to dispensing methadone and prescribing Subxone, we provide counseling services. We also provide referrals for any services outside of our clinic that we do not offer. 

We are committed to always having staff members who speak both English and Spanish, and we will do our best to improve the lives of our clients, their family members, and the community as a whole. We believe that if we can assist in changing the behavior in the lives of those dependent on opiates then their families and community will be positively affected as well.

Our Clinic

Heroin and opiate based pain medication addiction can be quickly controlled and effectively treated at ARI clinic. Most patients feel understood and welcome from their first day, and after stabilizing in MAT they are able to stop abusing heroin or opiate based medication. ARI is a licensed and accredited facility specializing in the treatment of heroin and pharmaceutical opiate (pain pill) addiction with methadone maintenance or suboxone assisted treatment. Addiction Resources Inc has been in business in the same location since 1990.

Why Us?

As the geographical area we are in has changed ARI has adapted to meet the needs of the community. We moved into an office suite with more offices and greater privacy. Our front door cannot be seen from the parking lot of the building. We now have multiple Spanish-speaking staff members, and are committed to maintaining the ability to serve persons whose first language is Spanish.

Our Clinical Team

Our clinic is comprised of well educated and experienced staff that are knowledgeable in both substance abuse and/or behavioral health. This allows us to help you to identify and address other issues that might create additional obstacles in your sobriety. Our clinical team includes a clinic director, Medical Provider, Nurse Practioner, licensed nurses, and a diverse group of counselors to meet your needs.