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Addiction Resources Incorporated


It gets better, starting with you.

Addiction Resources Incorporated of Phoenix, AZ is a private paying clinic that has been in business in the same location since 1990. The owners/managers of ARI each have over twenty years experience in the treatment of addiction in methadone maintenance programs and other treatment settings. Our services have changed as the field of opioid treatment has evolved, and we are now able to treat people addicted to all opioids. We do dispense both liquid methadone and diskettes within our methadone maintenance program. Our clinic does prescribe Suboxone as an alternative to methadone if client meets the criteria. All clients are offered and are encouraged to participate in addiction counseling as well.

As the geographical area we are in has changed ARI has adapted to meet the needs of the community. We moved into an office suite with more offices and greater privacy. Our front door cannot be seen from the parking lot of the building. We now have Spanish-speaking staff members, and are committed to maintaining the ability to serve persons whose first language is Spanish. 

Our staff is committed to delivering the best treatment services possible, with unconditional personal regard for all. Everything is absolutely confidential, and your privacy is assured. We look forward to ongoing change to meet any and all new needs.   

Maintenance Medication

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), an approach that uses FDA-approved pharmacological treatments, often in combination with psychosocial treatments, for patients with opioid use disorders. 

Counseling Services

Our program offers individual counseling through skilled and knowledgeable counselors with extensive backgrounds in substance abuse/behavioral health. Our counselors focus on the development of coping skills, recognizing organic and inorganic triggers, and relapse prevention.

Community Resources

Learning to navigate and locate resources within your community can be essential in your recovery.